Ethics blog

What did you learn about ethics? What is your personal code of ethics? What skills do you currently have that would make you a good employee?

During the first few weeks of PBMAF I learned the true definition of Ethics; principles of morality or rules of conduct. A code of ethics is vital for a company to be productive. For example, without rules for dress-code, employees in a bank might dress in distracting, unappealing manners that do not properly show the company’s image.

My personal code of ethics is to treat everyone as kindly as possible. I believe that the more people you impress, the farther you can climb in life. I try to be polite, but not rigid, thoughtful but not a door-mat. This class helped me comprehend further how important it is to have your own code of ethics, rules that you mentally abide by to get yourself in check.

Skills I possess that I think would be beneficial as a future employer include (but not limited to):

  • Ability to read and type at excellent speeds
  • I can comprehend technology and computers well
  • I can communicate with others efficiently and am not shy
  • I am good at organizing and planning things
  • I can be flexible with time and work
  • I have strong will-power when needed
  • Goal-orientated/motivated
  • Artistic and creative thinking
  • Good at multi-tasking

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