Have Our Bodies Become Cesspools of Processed Yuck?






The correlation is astounding between what we eat and our mental health, yet it is so very underrated by the whole of our food system. From dinner tables to grocery stores to hospital kitchens, the general overuse of processed foods has grown exponentially in the past 40 years and the American Diet has radically changed in the last 60 years.

What we have been ingesting, what companies are feeding us, is not health, it’s bottom line. Statistically alone, the rise in autoimmune diseases, cancers, diabetes, the overwhelmingly high obesity rate; cannot be denied and a pill is not going to fix it.  We NEED to Fix the overall American Food System by demanding better.  We NEED to fix our bodies and fix our Mental Health.

A study from the UCLA Family Center for Neurobiology of Stress, part of the UCLA Division of Digestive Diseases Brain Mapping Center says:

“Researchers have known…

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