Short-Term Goal Success or Failure?

Thinking back to the short-term goal you set, write a blog explaining what your goal was, whether you achieved it or not, the obstacles you overcame, the steps or plan of action you used, and what you learned from this activity that can be applied to school and your life.

A short-term goal that I set for myself was to organize and clean my bedroom. 

I was successful in achieving this task because, while riding on my bus, I told myself that Monday was an ideal time to clean my room and therefore get a fresh new start for the week. With this idea in mind, I immediately got myself a cup of Green tea for an energy boost and got to work. Firstly, I sorted through my clothes from dirty to clean; putting them away into my dresser. Secondly, I took all of my books from upstairs and put them, alphabetically on my shelf. I swept the floor, folded my blankets, and made everything look neat and coordinated. Lastly, I put away the miscellaneous items and polished the shelves and cleaned the computer desk. 

The result was a immaculate, bright and orderly room. The mentality of a newly clean room was refreshing. 

In conclusion; I now know that it’s worth it not to procrastinate, and the product improves mood and efficiency. This outlook can be stimulating both physically and mentally, and applies to all things; from cleaning your locker to doing your homework. 

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