My first six weeks review.

My first six weeks of school went by quickly and ordinarily enough.

I had a good amount of work on my hands keeping me busy, and besides Geometry everything was straight-forward and simple. I found that this year was a time that I long for knowledge like a sponge, and was interested in learning and striving in each of my classes. The challenge of new assignments, projects and worksheets kept my mind sharp and always spinning orderly, like a wheel. 

The positive parts of my week were joining BPA, and getting excited about all the projects I would be apart of. As well as getting A’s in everything except Geometry and breezing by my assignments. The weekends and going to Houston has been a big plus too.

The negative parts were difficulties in certain classes, occasionally missed work and juggling assignments in different classes. 

My goals for the rest of the year is to finish my Graphic Design for BPA in TIME if not early. I also plan to make all A’s and have no missing work or Absences for the year. In personal terms, I want to make sure to draw everyday and practice writing at least 3 times a week, as well as OCCASIONALLY working out. 

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