Decision-making process blog

What did you learn about economic decisions and systems that you did not already know? Did the “Settlers of Catan” teach you about making decisions or how to handle resources? If so, what? If not, why? What decision is in your future that you will be able to use the decision-making process to be able to help you answer?

I learned about how there is a specific set of questions that producers need to answer. I now understand how companies need to keep a steady and well-accounted for supply and demand with their product’s. I see in further comprehension the different types of governments we have and exactly what they have control over. 

Settler’s of Catan, the board game version, was interesting and fun. I liked the advantages of the Victory cards, and how they might represent fame or fortune in real life. I like the different set of resources and being able to do a trade-off, building things and using motivational strategies to plan your position. The only confusing part was with how many points players got. 

The decision-making process will further help me with any business or job that I might be a part of in the future. With my own company, I can make sure the supply and demand are working out well, that things are organized and that my consumers wants and needs are being fulfilled. 

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